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Jack Trotter

Jack Trotter writes from Charleston, South Carolina.

  The American Muse
  Our Culture of Narcissism
  What the Editors Are Reading
  The Long Apocalypse
  Out of Troy
  The Children of Eden
  The Managerial Racket
  A Ruthless Charm
  A Great Perhaps
  Devil Take the Hindmost
  Democracy in Action
  The Crossroads Merchants
  Twilight of the Gods
  Persons, Places, and Things
  Capitalism: The Conservative Illusion
  Conservatives and the Gay Agenda
  Enter the Vandals
  Agonistic Politics
  Mongrels All! or, Slaves With New Masters
  Conservative Education: Caveat Emptor!
  Virtual Selves, Vacant Hearts
  Light From Elsewhere
  Eating Crow
  Persecutions to Come
  Books Are for Blockheads!
  The Post-Suburban Jesus
  The Sickness Unto Death
  Libertarian Humbuggery
  The Magnetic Chain of Humanity
  The Gynocratic Hive
  By Merit Raised
  Zora Neale Hurston's White Mare
  Gabriel's Horn
  Of Monkeys and Mermaids
  Unreal Bodies, Unholy Blood
  White Like Me
  A Convergence of Catastrophes
  Going Down With the Good Ship Lollipop
  A Huge and Healthy Pessimism
  Romancing the Skull
  Mystery and (Polack) Manners
  Nobody’s Bagboy
  Christmas in Abbeville
  Towers of Babel
  Prejudice Made Plausible
  After the Deluge
  Bible-Belt Baroque
  GOP Country: A Troubled Marriage
  Imagination Deficit
  The Faces of Men: Education and Masculinity
  The Redeemed Imagination
  Dixie for Dummies
  Of Landlords, Leases, and Calico Indians
  The Sage of Covington
  “If I May Interrupt”: Live From the Senate Floor
  Carrying the Fire
  War of the Worlds
  Republican Rapture
  Death on a March Afternoon
  Born Again Again
  The Mongrel Din
  Suffering Narratives
  The Flamingo Kid