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Aaron D. Wolf


Aaron D. Wolf (1973-2019) was Chronicles' executive editor.  His writings have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers.

  • Dope Fiends of the West

    By Aaron D. Wolf | February 05, 2020
    Are addictions real? We talk as if they are. Many women say they are addicted to chocolate. Actor David Duchovny has been diagnosed with having a sex addiction. In the early 90’s, when crack was all the rage, one Christian pop singer encouraged young people to get off drugs and get “Addicted to Jesus.” What are we talking about?
  • Cochin Explains Kavanaugh

    By Aaron D. Wolf | September 24, 2018
    "Before the bloody Terror of ’93, in the republic of letters there was, from 1765 to 1780, a bloodless terror, for which the Encyclopedia was the Committee of Public Safety and d’Alembert the Robespierre. This terror swept away reputations just as the other chopped off heads. Its guillotine was slander, 'infamy,' as it was then called."
  • Egon Tausch, R.I.P.

    By Aaron D. Wolf | July 31, 2018
    America has forgotten many of her people, but her loyal son, Egon Richard Tausch, never forgot her. His anger kindled at those who despised and sought to diminish the American, Southern, and Texas patrimony, yet he fought back not with vitriolic ad hominem but with fact and memory.
  • Ominous Omnibus: Washington's Eternal Present

    By Aaron D. Wolf | March 23, 2018
    Our GOP-controlled Congress passed an Omnibus Spending Bill valued at $1.3 trillion that maintains America’s $500 million annual contribution to Planned Parenthood, our largest abortion mill. My question for Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of the House, is this: Do you believe in Judgment Day?
  • Mercenary Dick's and the Assault on Liberty

    By Aaron D. Wolf | February 28, 2018
    Dick's Sporting Goods is using 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz's evil act of killing 17 innocents and wounding many others to boost its flagging sales and brandish its p.c. bona fides, to the delight of liberals everywhere. Don't buy their Liberty Bucket.
  • Trump, the Deplorables, and the Aforementioned "Sh-thole"

    By Aaron D. Wolf | January 12, 2018
    It is not "racist" to recognize that our elite class, which regularly browbeats American citizens with accusations of bigotry, is not being charitable by virtue signaling about the plight of foreign people who live in decrepit places and want to move and remain here. Especially when "here" means the very places that those same elites refer to as American "sh-tholes," all the while pursuing policies that further their ruin.
  • Graham Crackers, Corn Flakes, and Other Grrrrreat American Heresies

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 20, 2017
    “Dad,” the inquisitive youngster is bound to ask, “where do corn flakes come from?” In today’s economy, where farms are something you drive by on your way to Disneyland, the most common answer might be “Kroger” or “the 7-Eleven” instead of “from the farm, son, from cornfields.”
  • Where Credit Is Due

    By Aaron D. Wolf | September 26, 2017
    Mr. David Brooks of the New York Times has written an editorial in praise of (and perhaps blaming) Sam Francis for accurately describing the American proscenium and providing profound structural analyses of the cultural and economic plight of Middle Americans. What is Brooks getting at?
  • Sacred Music in Holy Week: Let Me Repeat Myself

    By Aaron D. Wolf | April 12, 2017
    Listening to J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion (a Holy Week tradition I stumbled upon years ago) I was struck by this thought: The question is not whether there is repetition in sacred music, but what words are repeated—and how.
  • Trump's SCOTUS Nominee: Don't Trust, Just Verify

    By Aaron D. Wolf | December 03, 2016
    The media and Democrats are now running wild with fearful declarations that the Trump List of potential SCOTUS nominees, supplied by the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, is a rogues gallery of bedroom-invading puritans who will overturn every progressive accomplishment of the Sexual Revolution and return America to the Victorian Era. But could it be that they are playing the role of Brer Rabbit, begging not to be thrown into the Briar Patch?
  • Abdul Artan: Muslim Snowflake

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 29, 2016
    Might it just be that any son of a Muslim “refugee,” raised on one hand as a member of the Snowflake Generation, for whom insults are intolerable acts of persecution, and as a member of the Ummah in the land of the infidel on the other, is almost necessarily schizophrenic?
  • Pound: Barometers and Engines

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 28, 2016
    What has become of poets and prose-stylists, essayists and novelists, composers and painters, philosophers and theologians, in this poststructuralist era, when everything (especially art) has been politicized and monetized?
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves, Deplorables

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 09, 2016
    We do not have time to sit on our hands in our basket and bask in the thrill of victory. We must begin right now to crystalize and articulate what we will demand of our newly elected Republican government and be prepared to hold all of their feet to the fire.
  • Voting for the Antichrist

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 07, 2016
    "Murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will be openly taught and practiced, the air will be rent with the cries of the distressed, the soil will be soaked with blood, and the nation black with crimes."
  • The LCMS: A Triumph for Conservatism

    By Aaron D. Wolf | July 13, 2016
    On Tuesday, by rejecting “lay pastors,” the conscription of women, and female communion assistants and “elders,” the Missouri Synod didn’t just bear witness to particular points of doctrine or to the truths contained in certain Bible verses. The LCMS officially embraced a conservative ethos.
  • A Powerful Non-Event Concludes

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 23, 2016
    The sit-in is over, the Democrats have left for vacation, my semi-automatic still won't shoot you, and the imitators of Muhammad still want to kill infidels.
  • Orlando's Instant Hate

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 13, 2016
    Orlando's Little Sodom was shot up early Sunday morning by a Muslim who thought that pleasing Allah by murdering homosexuals was more important than being a husband, father, or living person.
  • The Wolf Week in Review: The Great Political Christian Contest

    By Aaron D. Wolf | February 19, 2016
    Another week has come and gone, and here are some highlights and cultural trends: Trump and the Pope, celebrity tweeters; love can build a bridge; George W's Two-Corinthians moment; Chelsea Clinton, six-year-old theologian; Scalia's conservative legacy, and Ginsburg's; country music's lesbian male-fantasy world; Andalusia, Rockford, and St. Patrick.
  • The Wolf Week in Review: Race to the 90's

    By Aaron D. Wolf | February 12, 2016
    Another week has come and gone, and here are some highlights and cultural trends: Republicans and the Lady Draft; the New Hampshire Race Card; Attack of the Populist Demagogue(s); the Meaning of O.J.; and Beyoncé's Hot Sauce.
  • Roe at 43: Defy It

    By Aaron D. Wolf | January 22, 2016
    Remember the 58 million infants who have been destroyed, and the like number of women who have been shattered, since January 22, 1973. When you do, stare down the purveyors of the Culture of Death and say with Bryan: We beg no longer; we entreat no more; we petition no more. We defy you.
  • Islam in the House of Yes

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 16, 2015
    Liberalism, as the recent attacks in Paris have shown, cannot provide the basis for a sustainable society.
  • The LCMS Calls a Post a Post

    By Aaron D. Wolf | July 21, 2015
    If the role of religion in America today is to teach the faithful to bend over and kiss the ring of postmodernity and beg for forgiveness for actually believing something, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod just failed spectacularly, flubbed its lines, and fell off the stage. I, for one, am elated.
  • Planned Parenthood: Hearts and Minds, and Livers

    By Aaron D. Wolf | July 16, 2015
    Is the sale of dissected babies somehow going to persuade Americans, who think that it's just fine to throw their corpses in the trash, that infanticide is wrong? Will GOP candidates now be willing to say that it's wrong to dismember and discard (or poison and flush) the children of rape and incest victims?
  • After SCOTUS: Welcoming Apocalypse

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 26, 2015
    Here’s where good can come out of today’s SCOTUS confirmation of American barbarism. Christians can wake up. Our dumbed-down, seeker-friendly, me-too, we’re not bigots, adult contemporary, pandering, doctrine-free, soundbite, entertainment-driven, non-confrontational, metrosexual, puerile, tepid, quivering, unserious Christianity must change.
  • The Battle Flag and the New Symbolic Logic

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 24, 2015
    The great thing about the New Symbolic Logic is that, since no traditional symbol is free of guilt by association, liberals at the DNC and MSNBC will never run out of things to denounce, and (liberals in) the GOP will never run out of things to denounce belatedly and apologize for inaffectively.
  • SSM: Yawning at SCOTUS

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 17, 2015
    We don't need to wait with baited breath for the ruling. Like old milk, the culture has already turned.
  • Blowing Up the Base: An Abortion Strategy Revealed

    By Aaron D. Wolf | January 22, 2015
    With thousands of their base voters standing on the Washington Mall, the House GOP sat down on an IED and blew their own brains out.
  • Pre-Born Pain and Political Cowardice

    By Aaron D. Wolf | January 15, 2015
    What is particularly insidious about HR 36 is that its eugenic exceptions are prefaced by dramatic assertions of preborn pain.  This makes the political calculation all the more contemptible
  • Reaping the Whirlwind With Charlie Hebdo

    By Aaron D. Wolf | January 08, 2015
    Out of the dankest clap-ridden cesspool of the Playboy Mansion’s grotto has crawled a dogma of conservative ideology. In this ideology, to refuse to celebrate the "journalism" of Charlie Hebdo is to suggest that its staff deserved to die. That, of course, is absurd. In addition to the Muslim killers, what really deserves to die is the liberal notion that free speech is guaranteed by unfettered obscenity.
  • Tongues of Fire: America’s Phony Immigration Religion

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 21, 2014
    Americans, especially conservatives, have embraced the “America Is an Idea” ideology, and now Americans are paying for it.
  • Iraqi Christians' Bloody Summer

    By Aaron D. Wolf | August 08, 2014
    Christian women are being raped and murdered, Christian men are being shot execution-style or strangled or crucified. And now we have reports of Christian children—it rends the soul to say—beheaded and set on display in public parks. This is Mosul in the summer of ’14, under the control of ISIS, the Islamic State, whose rise to power was set in motion by the lies of neoconservatives.
  • Soccer Wars: 2014 Edition

    By Aaron D. Wolf | July 01, 2014
    Soccer is a life-draining, coma-inducing, globalization friendly event, and watching it amounts to going to the gym to look at skinny men doing cardio and feigning injury.
  • Idling With Dr. Johnson: Capriciousness

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 20, 2014
    Thinking of Obama, Bush II, Chinese Walmart slaves, the myth of the "invisible hand," and the "jobs Americans won't do," I stumbled upon this, from The Idler.
  • NOAH: The Drinking Game

    By Aaron D. Wolf | April 08, 2014
    In which I review the blockbuster movie NOAH, without directly examining the film in the review, even though I have in fact seen it.
  • Hooters Against Misogyny: The Paradox of Femen(ism)

    By Aaron D. Wolf | February 24, 2014
    First came the whirlwind Pussy Riot American tour. And now the Boobish Invasion continues, with Eastern European “topless sextremists” known as Femen threatening to descend on the United States like a Satanic Swedish Bikini Team. (NSFW)
  • Sochi, Putin, and Vlad the Drag Queen

    By Aaron D. Wolf | February 17, 2014
    In the Dead West, our heroes are no longer cowboys but those creepy weirdos who slink around the alleyways of red-light districts. One such warrior for righteousness is described by the Associated Press as “Vladimir Luxuria, a former Communist lawmaker in the Italian parliament who has become a prominent transgender rights crusader and television personality.”
  • Navy Yard: "Regardless" of the Truth

    By Aaron D. Wolf | September 17, 2013
    The dust had barely settled at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday when a barrage of lies began to fly from the usual suspects on the left. For once, the religion of the crazed shooter, Aaron Alexis, was not buried or ignored completely, since he was publicly connected not to Islam but to Buddhism.
  • Sweeping Away the Unwanted Babies

    By Aaron D. Wolf | August 13, 2013
    Texas Republicans' stated rationale for the 20-week limit was that "the state has a compelling state interest in protecting the lives of unborn children from the stage at which substantial medical evidence indicates that these children are capable of feeling pain" (pdf). And that's hogwash, because the legislation makes a barbaric exception when it comes to unborn children with "a severe fetal abnormality."
  • Nazi Russians and "Basic Morality"

    By Aaron D. Wolf | August 09, 2013
    You'd think Putin had constructed a gas chamber on the edge of Olympik Village in Sochi, but the reality is much less shocking.
  • Staring at Hiroshima From Babel

    By Aaron D. Wolf | August 06, 2013
    The surprise and shock was not confined to the Japanese. This dawning of the nuclear age gave us new fears and changed our imaginations.
  • Liberals, Liturgy, and Lattes

    By Aaron D. Wolf | August 02, 2013
    Miss Evans wants to teach our churches what they ought to be teaching. Are they prepared to teach her the Faith if she shows up?
  • Pleasure-Marrying: The Next Human Right

    By Aaron D. Wolf | August 01, 2013
    In my recent piece "Hell-Bent," one of my overarching themes was that the rush to approve same-sex marriage was really about self-identified "heterosexuals" seeking approval for themselves. Legally sanctioned "gay marriage" is a kind of public proclamation that the constraints of traditional morality do not apply.
  • Sexualizing Children: NBA Edition

    By Aaron D. Wolf | April 30, 2013
    The national celebration of sodomy continues thanks to Sports Illustrated's new cover story featuring the first "major sport" athlete to come out of the closet while still an active player.
  • Neocon 101: Art of the Pooh-Pooh

    By Aaron D. Wolf | March 07, 2013
    That stalwart set at National Review known as "The Editors" has done what it always does to a genuinely conservative display in the halls of power.
  • The ACLU and the WNBA

    By Aaron D. Wolf | September 20, 2012
    Getting some play today is a news story from Cranston, Rhode Island, about a ridiculous decision by the Cranston school board banning father-daughter dances. It's the old pattern.
  • Breaking: Some Yahoo Wrote a Paper

    By Aaron D. Wolf | September 19, 2012
    A scrap of papyrus contains the phrase "Jesus said to them, 'My wife . . . '" before ending unceremoniously with a fibrous tear. And somehow, if the NYT and Harvard are to be believed, this changes everything. And it does—if by everything we mean nothing at all.
  • Chronicles Unbound on Facebook

    By Aaron D. Wolf | September 14, 2012
  • GOP: Adios, WASP!

    By Aaron D. Wolf | August 28, 2012
    I'd be the last one to suggest that the Republican National Convention should be a bastion of Christian orthodoxy, and I'm sure no one goes there for the liturgy.
  • SCOTUS hateus

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 25, 2012
    There are some real stunners in today's convoluted ruling from the Supremes regarding Arizona v. United States.
  • Paesano, Go Home

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 25, 2012
    The intro to Justice Scalia's partial dissent in Arizona v. United States is a perfect demonstration of today's self-contradictory "conservatism."
  • Arab Spring in Red-Hot Rockford Summer

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 18, 2012
    You'da thought Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was Barack Obama, the way Rockford's local news media fawned over him on Sunday.
  • Freedom or the Church?

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 14, 2012
  • Re: Fraud Upon Fraud, Jobs We Won't Do

    By Aaron D. Wolf | May 24, 2012
    Allen Wilson writes in a comment that "We should give them a week's worth of food and transportation to the orchards and farms of those states where there are complaints that new immigration laws are scaring off Mexican workers."
  • Re: iDocile

    By Aaron D. Wolf | May 23, 2012
  • iDocile

    By Aaron D. Wolf | May 22, 2012
  • Education Nightmares Revisited

    By Aaron D. Wolf | May 21, 2012
    With the threat of a second, unfettered term for President BHO looming, one begins to wonder what sort of legacy he would try to cobble together.
  • Zimmerman & Martin Lawyers Gouge Eyes on TV

    By Aaron D. Wolf | May 18, 2012
    The news media love you and have a wonderful plan for your life, to borrow a phrase.
  • Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Honkies

    By Aaron D. Wolf | May 17, 2012
    The New York Times has delivered the unshocking news: "White births are no longer a majority in the United States."
  • The McQuearing of America

    By Aaron D. Wolf | November 07, 2011
    Yes, yes, curse the defensive genius and pedophile* Jerry Sandusky (author of Touched) and Joe Pa (who continued to employ him). But what about the grad assistant who happened to lock eyes with ol' Sandusky when the latter was sodomizing a ten-year-old boy in the Happy Valley showers of Penn State?
  • Man of Middangeard

    By Aaron D. Wolf | September 02, 2011
    September 2 is the 38th anniversary of the death of J.R.R. Tolkien (1973).
  • You Say FIFA, I Say WWE

    By Aaron D. Wolf | June 24, 2010
    Soccer is (bad) theater.

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