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Jim Jatras


Jim Jatras, a former US diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the Senate GOP leadership, comments on financial and foreign policy topics and on U.S. politics in his publication TheJIM!gram. Tweet him at @JimJatras

  • What’s Really behind the State Department’s Meddling in Ukraine?

    By Jim Jatras | April 11, 2019
    On March 31 the first round of Ukraine’s presidential election was held. In line with all polls, the top spot (with about 30 percent of the vote) was taken by Volodymyr Zelensky, a comic actor who played President of Ukraine in a popular TV series, making him the leading candidate for the position he once spoofed.
  • The Dictatorship of Victims Strikes Back

    By Jim Jatras | November 08, 2018
    One can almost hear an audible sigh of relief from the rogues’ gallery of criminal conspirators behind the phony Russiagate collusion story cooked up in the bowels of the US-UK Deep State with the aim of overturning the 2016 election.
  • Trump Sinks a ‘Sweet Hole’ on DACA

    By Jim Jatras | January 18, 2018
    It’s just incredible what a hullabaloo can erupt from the garbled account of just one spoken word. All week long the national media and political class have been in a tizzy over what Donald Trump was reported to have said in a closed-door White House meeting with Senators over DACA and immigration policy.
  • Who ‘Fought to Preserve Slavery’?

    By Jim Jatras | November 29, 2017
    The campaign against memorials to long-dead Confederates seems to have taken a bit of a sabbatical. Perhaps the media have only paused the hype in favor the celebrity groping mania, or maybe pulling down or defacing outdoor art is not a cold-weather activity.
  • Don’t Defund ‘Sanctuary’ Jurisdictions, Prosecute their Officials

    By Jim Jatras | September 25, 2017
    Just picture ‘em – all cuffed and taking the perp walk: California’s Governor Jerry Brown, San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee, Los Angeles’ Eric Garcetti, Washington, DC’s Muriel Bowser, New Orleans’ Mitch Landrieu, Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, New York’s Bill de Blasio . . .”
  • Death of a Nation

    By Jim Jatras | August 17, 2017
    Every living nation needs symbols. They tell us who we are as one people, in what we believe, and on what basis we organize our common life.
  • It’s Time for Deplorables to March on Washington

    By Jim Jatras | August 10, 2017
    [W]hatever Trump does, he needs to do it soon. The Swamp has a plan to upend the constitutional order. Trump needs one to preserve it. Tweets and rallies out in the real America won’t get the job done.
  • Waiting for John Brown

    By Jim Jatras | June 16, 2017
    Just imagine if a deranged Tea Party activist known to rant on social media against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had gunned down a bunch of Democrats. Would Republican officials get away with saccharine expressions of “this is an attack on all of us,” “we stand united,” and similar vacuities?
  • Appointment of Special Counsel for ‘Russiagate’ Could Derail Trump’s MAGA Agenda, Lead to War

    By Jim Jatras | May 19, 2017
    There is reason to fear that Trump, guided by advisers whose policy proclivities mirror those of his critics, may seek the path of least resistance by further bellicose measures.
  • A Splendid Little War Could End Trump’s Presidency

    By Jim Jatras | May 02, 2017
    If and when catastrophe strikes, in Korea, or Syria, or Iran or any one of the other places where Trump is being encouraged to press the envelope, former Trump critics now hailing the return of “leading from the front” will not take the fall.
  • Dump Senate Cloture, Bring Back “Mr. Smith’s” Filibuster

    By Jim Jatras | March 29, 2017
    A return to the old-timey real-life filibuster would be magnificent political theater and valuable public education on the issues. It would also respect the WGDB’s tradition of affording the minority their right of unlimited debate while allowing for an eventual majoritarian vote to proceed.
  • How Far Will Trump’s Enemies Push to Drag Him and America Down?

    By Jim Jatras | February 10, 2017
    As he completes his third week in office Donald Trump has already stunned the world with his “shock and awe” campaign to keep promises made when he was a candidate. The mere fact of a politician doing what he said he would do seems to have unsettled the nerves of his opponents.
  • Trump’s Opponents Are Trying to Cripple Him by Playing “Russian Card”

    By Jim Jatras | January 09, 2017
    Do the DNI report and Congressional calls for new sanctions to poison the well against Trump’s agenda constitute a desperate last stand? Or will they manage to pull it off, crippling Trump before he can even get started?
  • Mr. Trump: America Doesn’t Need Tiny, Corrupt Montenegro in NATO

    By Jim Jatras | December 01, 2016
    If there was ever an ideal candidate to demonstrate a “Trump Doctrine” on ending NATO’s profligate freeloading, Montenegro is it.
  • The Big Three: America, Russia, and China Must Join Hands for Security, Prosperity, and Peace

    By Jim Jatras | November 21, 2016
    When Donald Trump takes office, for the first time since Ronald Reagan we will have a president with the stature and vision to put the interests of the American people first.
  • If #NeverTrumpers Help Elect the Clinton Crime Family, We Can’t Expect a ‘Do-Over’ – Ever

    By Jim Jatras | November 03, 2016
    Every election cycle, we are told that “this” might be the most important ballot we ever cast. What if this time it turns out to be true?
  • Hillary’s Warped Notion of American Exceptionalism and Indispensability

    By Jim Jatras | October 27, 2016
    Genuine American exceptionalism and the “America First” policies of Donald Trump don’t mean our withdrawal from the world. U.S. primacy in a multipolar system is something most countries would be prepared to accept, however grudgingly.
  • JASTA: Usual Suspects Get Ready to Gut Law Letting 9/11 Families Sue Saudis

    By Jim Jatras | October 17, 2016
    In overriding Obama’s veto for the first time to enact JASTA, Congress, whatever the legislators’ individual motivations, put Americans first—for a change.
  • Lewd for Thought

    By Jim Jatras | October 11, 2016
    In view of the ongoing partisan MSM feeding frenzy over Donald Trump’s hot microphone comments about women, the question is raised over what constitutes impermissibly lewd thoughts, words, and actions.
  • The Oligarchy is Losing Its Grip, But Its Death Throes May Prove Fatal – to Us

    By Jim Jatras | September 21, 2016
    For those who have been paying attention for the past couple of decades, Aleppo Boy is a familiar example of what is known as “atrocity porn,” titillating the audience through horror and incitement to hatred of the presumed perpetrators.
  • Could Stay-at-Home Moms Help Put Trump Over the Top?

    By Jim Jatras | September 16, 2016
    Donald Trump caught a lot of people off guard with his proposal, spearheaded by daughter Ivanka, on child-care benefits. This is not familiar Republican territory.
  • Trump Claims Obama and Hillary Are ‘Founder’ and ‘Co-Founder’ of ISIS, Media Feign Amnesia

    By Jim Jatras | August 12, 2016
    No one paying attention with even one eye and half an ear can be ignorant of the fact that when it comes to this year’s election the MSM are lying shills for Hillary. But now it seems they’re all suffering from amnesia too.
  • Running the Big Khan in Philly

    By Jim Jatras | August 02, 2016
    If patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, Scoundrel Time to the nth degree was on full display in Philadelphia last week. The closing days of the Democratic Convention featured an orgy of frenzied flag-waving.
  • If Trump Loses, a “Transformed” GOP Might Not Get a Second Chance

    By Jim Jatras | July 25, 2016
    Donald Trump has made it clear from the beginning that he’s in it to win it. He has said that if he ends up losing the presidential race it will all have been for nothing: “If I don't go all the way, and if I don't win, I will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy, and money.”
  • Groundhog Day on the Promenade des Anglais

    By Jim Jatras | July 15, 2016
    There will be many, many "next times" unless and until people get really, really sick of this charade and do something about it.
  • “Hello, Lenin!” Three Components of America’s Misguided Foreign Policy

    By Jim Jatras | June 20, 2016
    For those familiar with the operational code of the late Soviet Union, the counterproductive skew of American policy has a familiar ring. The Bolsheviks sacrificed the interests of the Russian people in pursuit of their Marxist-Leninist vision.
  • The Two Faces of #NeverTrump: Those Who Know and Those Who Don’t

    By Jim Jatras | May 04, 2016
    With his resounding victory in Indiana, the forces denoted by the Twitter hashtag #NeverTrump should fold up shop and accept the inevitable.
  • Trump Is Right about NATO, Brussels Attacks

    By Jim Jatras | March 24, 2016
    This week Donald Trump ignited another furor, this time for asking the simple question of whether America’s commitment to NATO is worth it. The following day, Brussels was hit by jihad terror attacks.
  • "Hispandering” in Miami: Flouting the Presidential Oath

    By Jim Jatras | March 10, 2016
    Tuning in last night, one could be forgiven for thinking the United States (or at least Miami) was no longer functionally an English-speaking land.
  • Swan Song From Our Second Worst President

    By Jim Jatras | January 14, 2016
    President Obama’s final State of the Union address was long on themes and short on specifics. It clearly was an attempt to secure a legacy of accomplishment. That attempt is at best questionable.
  • Will the GOP Establishment Opt for President Hillary?

    By Jim Jatras | January 07, 2016
    The Iowa caucuses are under a month away, and the GOP Establishment is in white-knuckle panic that Donald Trump’s candidacy has not imploded.

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