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Tom Piatak

Thomas Piatak is a contributing editor to Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  A Giant Beset by Pygmies
  Time for an Immigration Pause
  Deplorable Duke
  Winter of Our Discontent
  Thanks, Christine
  What the Editors Are Reading
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  The Great Clarifier
  The New Deplorables
  An Uncertain Trump
  Taking a Stand in Warsaw
  The Inevitability of National Politics
  If the Center Cannot Hold
  Middle American Revolution Begins
  A Question of Identity
  Falling In (and Out of) Line
  The Nationalist Moment
  Disenchanted With Globalism
  A Fast Track to Oblivion
  The Battle for the Middle
  Two Ways of Dying
  We Need a Time Out
  War on Whites
  Buy American: Compelling Reasons
  The Limits of Russophilia
  The Technology Mirage
  The Academic Industrial Complex
  The Culture War Crosses the Atlantic
  The Flexible Second Term
  Romney's Retreat
  The Democrats' Bait and Switch
  It's Ryan
  Sam Francis Was Right
  A Warring Visionary
  hitch Is Not Great
  The Stupid Party Rides Again
  The Jobs Go Out, Like the Tide
  Keeping History
  The Bull in the GOP China Shop
  Christophobia and Its Discontents
  George Wallace and the Tea Party
  Obama Versus the Supreme Court
  Bringing Back the Old Economy
  Jobs Recall
  It’s the Culture, Stupid!
  The Necessity of Christianity
  Decline and Fall
  Stimulus Winners and Losers
  The Smoke of Satan
  Tales From the Dark Side
  The Stupid Party Rides Again
  How to Win the War Against Christmas
  The Promise and Peril of Identity Politics: Hope in a Dismal Season
  The Forgotten Ideology
  Rudy the Unready
  Hitchens’ Hubris
  Ecrasez L’infame: The Persistence of Christophobia
  A World Safe for Stalinism
  Chickenhawks Roosting
  To Preserve the American Tribe
  The Neoconservative Delusion
  Ten Most Wanted List
  God, Country, Notre Dame
  Opposition of the Christian Coalition
  Panic on the Left
  Pope John Paul II, R.I.P.
  A Bush Nominee
  Results Are In
  A Third Way?
  The Triumph of Tradition
  Disenchanting Prospects
  Outsourcing Our Future
  Gibson's Passion
  Gibson and His Enemies
  Recall Election
  Try a Little (Less) Tenderness
  News From the Christmas Front
  A Christmas History
  Happy Holidays? Bah! Humbug!
  Exit to Political Oblivion